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    BABU FATEH BAHADUR SINGH DEGREE, we believe a 21st-century learning environment cannot be revolutionized by installing technology driven gadgets but by making learning engaging and enriching. It is essential to encourage students to communicate, collaborate and create in ways which were never before.....

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    BABU FATEH BAHADUR SINGH DEGREE for your child's future?

    The College provides a congenial atmosphere to nurture the young minds to dream big, aspire for great heights, explore boundless opportunities and strive for different goals in life. The School curriculum has been designed systematically ensuring rich content, diverse style of approach and a uniqu.....

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to bring an element of joy to school, which would nurture the child to grow into full bloom. At BABU FATEH BAHADUR SINGH DEGREE , we envision to kindle the love of learning in a creative environment where teachers and parents unite as partners committed to achieve excellence both within the classroom and beyond. Established as a Green School, we lay the foundation for delivering progressive 21st-century skills to students, making them a part of the digital world, motivating them for a good life and underlying the importance of sustainable living.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to inspire a passion for learning by creating opportunities for students so that they can become happy, self-assured, successful, highly productive and responsible individuals. We see learning as a journey where our commitments for a warm teacher-student-parent connect strives to work towards bringing out the ’best in each child’.

    Joyful Campus Infrastructure


    Learning at BABU FATEH BAHADUR SINGH DEGREE is supported and enhanced by state-of-the-art library which provides a flexible learning space for students to meet their learning needs. A well-stocked li.....

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    Computer Lab

    There are two good reasons why we regard computers as vital to your life at BABU FATEH BAHADUR SINGH DEGREE . The first is the emphasis employers place on computer skills while appointing faculty. Sec.....

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    Upgrading and polishing of student’s skills and practical knowledge, BABU FATEH BAHADUR SINGH DEGREE has a well-equipped and up-to- science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), a computer lab.....

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    Digital Classroom

    BABU FATEH BAHADUR SINGH DEGREE ensures a modern learning environment and digital classrooms that are aesthetically designed to foster academic excellence in each child. The smart classes are integra.....

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    Sports impart the important lesson of team-spirit; motivate children to work together with different kinds of people in different situations. Indulging in physical activity provides the right platform.....

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    Art & Craft

    Intended to unlock the artistic potential of every child and express creativity through art

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